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Our Approach

To achieve our mission, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

● We identify key areas where SME entrepreneurs and managers would need help and provide support that would benefit their key stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders and others).

● Develop innovative, research-based content, training and consultancy that deliver practical solutions that are implementable

● Align with key public and private stakeholders in the sector to leverage our resources and improve our competencies, so our strategy and business model will always be relevant


To be the leading learning resource organisation for entrepreneurs globally.


To assist entrepreneurs who own Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) in their goals of achieving growth and continuity by providing them with the best learning resources. To assist larger organisations to improve their marketing to the SMEs.

Planning: Conquer the future

Every business needs to chart the way forward, and Entrepreneur Central offers support to SMEs so they can achieve their growth objectives through the formulation of the appropriate strategies. We also work with entrepreneurs and their managers to do the difficult job of implementing those plans.

Whether entrepreneurs need a business plan for a loan or to attract investors or to plan the way forward, we train them so that SME owners can complete the process on their own.

Alternatively, SMEs need training in sales planning to improve the effectiveness of their sales performance. This can entail building a sales plan by territory or sales person and designing a compensation system that supports the achievement of targets.

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We Are About Assisting Businesses To Grow And Become Larger Enterprises

Training in entrepreneurial assistance

Entrepreneur Central is about scaling up of business operations. Many SMEs face issues that prevent them from growing into larger organisations. While start-up organisation has many challenges, those issues are different from scaling up the operations of a young enterprise.
Growing an organisation can be approached from many different angles. Some companies can grow their sales by selling the existing customer more or getting new customers in different but aligned markets. This is essentially a market-driven approach using a strong sales strategy. An SME can also grow by developing or acquiring new products that may be related or unrelated to its existing portfolio.
A firm could also decide to seize an opportunity to buy a company that could be its competitor or one that operates in an unrelated industry.

In a less visible way, an SME may improve its competencies to achieve all those strategies above by improving its governance, planning and innovation systems.

Entrepreneur Central can assist you, the entrepreneur or manager in growing your business based on your plans and timeframe.

Family Business Consulting

SME consultancy

Most SME businesses are owned and managed by families in the Caribbean. Since there is an overlap of family, management and owner, the potential for conflict is greater than a private sector company. Entrepreneur Central will assist family enterprises in a number of areas:

  • Improve governance to reduce the potential for conflict
  • Introduce business and strategic planning to assist in growing the enterprise
  • Use succession planning as a way to ensure intergenerational continuity
  • Develop the marketing competencies to grow the business and cope with competition

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Sales Strategies For Your Business

Since the SME sector consists of 90% of all businesses globally, it is important that companies take this into consideration in their B2B marketing strategy. In addition, since entrepreneurs own most of the wealth in the country, this is literally where the money is. Sellers of durable goods (cars, trucks, appliances and office equipment), financial services (insurance, investment and pension products) and other services (advertising, web page design, accounting, training) have a unique opportunity to target a high potential market.

This is also an innovative approach to selling to family firms, who comprise of more than 85% of all SMEs, according to the Family Firm Institute.

We developed a personal selling course titled, ‘Marketing to the SMEs: Sell like a Boss, Sell like an Entrepreneur’. The outcome of this workshop is to create an entrepreneurial selling professional who has the mindset of an entrepreneur and who develops a selling strategy to maximise sales to the small and medium sized businesses.

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