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Family Businesses are more dominant than you think 



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Family businesses are the blind spot in management despite their ubiquitous nature


Ford Motor, Walmart, Samsung, Cemex are some of the many examples. But the majority of family firms are SMEs, like yours. 

However, family enterprises require a different approach to growth. 


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Upscale Your Family Business Workshop


Video: Family Business Dynamics

Understand how to navigate the complexities of family firms: lack of succession, governance, conflict, growth challenges, etc. These are some of the areas that ails family enterprises.


1. What makes family businesses successful

2. Entrepreneurial family organization

3. Opportunity & creative problem solving 

4. Developing your growth plan 

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Transitioning the Family Business Entrepreneurial Culture  

Family Firm Institute 

Practitioner Magazine

Read how family firms can continue their entrepreneurial spirit.

This article appeared in the 6 March 2024 issue

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Why Family Businesses are so special

If you own a family enterprise they can be great wealth creators, however, they are prone to conflict. 

Learn how to deal with conflict in your business. 

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Importance of Family Business


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I am speaking with Tsitsi Mutendi, 

Lead Consultant: NhakaLegacy Planning