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Here entrepreneurs learn to grow

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago's first Entrepreneur Learning Management System (ELMS).

The entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to any business situation. Whether you are starting a new venture, scaling it up, managing a family enterprise or operating as an intrapreneur (entrepreneur inside an organization), you can make a big difference. 



Here entrepreneurs learn to grow

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MEET Sajjad

I am an entrepreneurship educator. However, my clients see me as an SME & Family Business Advisor. 

I am a college lecturer who teaches entrepreneurship, family business and marketing. 

My mission is to support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs so they can become sustainable venture owners. 

Whether you own a business or work in an organization, we offer an innovative way to grow your venture, professional practice, sales targets or achieve the performance that the heroes (entrepreneurs) of business accomplish. 

The core of what we stand for is a mindset change and using that to become creative problem solvers and opportunity creators. 




We provide specific interventions to SMEs for scaling up. In addition, Family businesses often need assistance in succession and strategic planning, better governance and growth. 


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Build Your Legacy Business

Solopreneur To Family Business Hero 


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This is the only book you will need to achieve your LEGACY

From start-up to family business, this resource guides YOU in making the transition


If you need me to speak on an Entrepreneurship topic, please drop me a line. My favourite interest areas:

  • Mindset of the entrepreneur
  • How to become an Intrapreneur
  • Become a Knowledge Entrepreneur in 4 steps
  • Growth strategies for new ventures
Video on Mindset of Entrepreneur


Find out how to engage your audience with entrepreneurship thinking. FInd out why your organization need an entrepreneurship shot in the arm. 

Sajjad has been an entrepreneurship educator (trainer, consultant, newspaper writer, and author) for over 15 years and a pioneer in Trinidad & Tobago. 

Are you tired of being just a Knowledge Professional?

Knowledge professionals have talent but working in large organizations often means you feel overwhelmed by monotonous work that is unfulfilling. 

Alternatively, if you are a business owner sometimes your professional practice seems to be stuck at the same level. 

The only way out is to transition to a knowledge entrepreneur. 

Read more about the Knowledge Age