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Become entrepreneurial marketer

Learn how to use the entrepreneurial selling method to master marketing to the business market. 

Puzzle: Why do only about 3% of all salespersons achieve stellar status?

Use the 6-step way and improve your sales performance to the small and medium-sized enterprises market (and family businesses) and be the envy of the sales team!

Entrepreneurial selling is based on psychology, behavioural economics, and neuroselling, and focuses on the B2B segment. 


The SME sector & you

Learn how the sector is structured, understand the entrepreneurial mindset, and how entrepreneurs create wealth. 

You can now think & act like an entrepreneur. 

Lead generation & qualification

Develop creative problem-solving techniques to enhance your prospecting.

You can now incorporate creative selling strategies that give you the edge. 


The chemistry meeting

Develop innovative persuasive strategies.

You can now use the knowledge of entrepreneurs and communicate and increase your closing rate. 

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Sell Like An Entrepreneur: 6 Steps into the SME Market 

This workshop consists of six 1.5 hour virtual sessions. A free ebook and other supporting material are also included. 


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